Expert Opinion

Wants young children to meet parents in their appeal soon need them . And often occur in such situations, the time when the parents are too busy and do not have the luxury of time , Falpon call their children in a hurry , but this frenetic rhythm and tension over the child screaming . So parents calm analysis is the best solution to calm the children and provide them with a recipe patience.

According to expert educational German Fabinh Baker Stoll : “The young child always wants to be his parents at his disposal ; Vengda does not stand for the implementation of his requests , where the strain clothes of his father or his mother, and Edbdb on the ground and bursting into tears and screaming , so getting to meet the immediate application of his parents . ”

She said Stoll , head of the German Institute for Education in early childhood in Munich , that this behavior is caused naturally annoyed parents and burdening them , especially if they are busy to perform one of the tasks of the home such as cooking or arranging purchases , causing them to try to expedite the completion of those tasks in order to meet the requirements of their child .

But unfortunately this does not help to calm the child in the wheel at all, but often increases tension . Cordola to confirm Eisner Tietze of the German Association for the Protection of Children in the capital Berlin on that by saying : “If you noticed the child and his mother occurrence under stress , will increase screaming and crying .” So it is better to parents trying to remain calm in such situations, and say phrases and clear to their child . And thus enable them compel their child patient at his request, until they finish their tasks.

Control emotion
The expert stressed the need for German seedlings that children learn patience , explaining : ” control emotion and frustration carrying contribute to a child’s learning patience on the implementation of the demands.” Naturally needs of young children to help their parents , in order to teach them that.

Tietze and pointed out that it is better to embrace her mother at this time trying to calm him down and explain to him that he does not have time now , explaining the benefit of that saying: ” a child of his parents quietly contributes to calm him down .”

Anke and hit Vajisnsais , social education specialist in Darmstadt , an example that it is possible for the child of a year and a half to understand his mother when she tells him : “I know you want something from me , but as soon as he finished cooking the soup will play with you.”

And the importance of dealing with the child in such a way , the German Vajisnsais expert explained that children need to have such clarity in dealing with them ; ” where it contributes to the child’s sense of security .”

Will not work as well as to accelerate the completion of the tasks of any benefit at all, if he has a child , for example, knocked on the door of the house ; because he wants access to the playing field , at which time the mother pack her bag already in preparation for the exit .

Therefore recommended expert German seedlings that should be on the mother at this time to involve her in repackaging purposes inside the bag , to ask him , for example, ‘ Would you please get me Elmejrav ‘; where children feel happy and satisfied when allowed to parents to assist in carrying out any tasks , as it contributes eliminate Astajalhm to their parents and teaches them patience.

It should be noted that children are naturally obsessed with discovering the world around them , they Dúben on research and experience and learning; Vengdam care , for example, to learn how to open the zipper clothes ( zippers ) for themselves as well as learn how to enter the foot inside the shoe properly , and even trying over and over again in order to learn to wear the clothes themselves .

So we find some of them do not give up at all of his attempt to enter the boot , trying to wear the shoe itself , as it continue to do so no matter how long it is already time to succeed . While frustrates others if his first attempt ended in failure and angrily throws a shoe at the corner of the room .

And this behavior expert says Education German Tisth : ” Children usually insist on the completion of these tasks themselves ; because they can not see the tasks that are difficult to be performed on them ; everyone for them both , so you may become infected frustrated at the failure to accomplish what they want .”

Try and experiment
The Tisth that parents can help their child on it and make it more patient to learn these skills , saying : ” It is better to inform parents of their child that usually does not work rights in learn anything from the first time , and sometimes even be a repeat attempt is necessary, in order not to forget what the human learn afterwards. Parents should also create their child ‘s feet to try and experiment for the second time and is so happy . ”

It is remarkable that he usually chooses children times are not appropriate for the implementation of their attempts , if he wanted a child , for example, the experience of wearing her own shoes at the time should mother go to work, then advising them expert German Tietze trying to teach her ​​patience as she tells him , for example : “I will I am now linking the shoe , but you will have the afternoon to try it yourself . ”

Finally, it should be noted that parents should be patient , too, if they know that their child were shot him . So they have to be patient on the child and give him enough time to discover the world around him . And also it is important that parents let their child is playing quietly without disturbed frequently.